"Pity about the scarf-- Madame Nostradamus made it for me-- a witty little knitter. Never get another one like it--"
The Doctor, Ark in Space

Odd Uses for the Patterns

Not everyone can pull off wearing a nine to twenty-six foot long knitted accessory.  And there will be times when you want to show your fannish preferences in a more subtle way.

These patterns are here to help you.

Scarf Ties

Here’s a pattern for a Season Twelve man’s necktie in fingering weight Brown Sheep Nature Spun.

It’s only slightly more complicated to knit than a scarf; there are selvage stitches to keep the edges tidy, and it is in very thin yarn on very small needles.

You will have a lot of yarn left over to try some of the other patterns on this page.

Season 12 Man’s Tie in Nature Spun Fingering Weight Yarn

I’m thinking about a Season 18 tie, but in silk rather than chenille.

I’ll be experimenting with it over the next several months.

Ladies Fancy Neck Scarf

The Lovely Daphne Ashbrook asked me for a small scarf she could wear at a convention.

Since she always looks so nice, I couldn’t just give her any old teddy bear scarf.

This is a very posh little scarf, scaled down from the original that is quite nice with a nice outfit.

Tiny Posh Scarf in Sport Weight Blue Sky Alpaca

(The reason why I don’t offer this pattern in full size in Alpaca is that Alpaca is very heavy and very warm– knit a full sized scarf in that and you’ll have ten pounds of scarf hanging off your neck and you’ll be wringing with sweat if the temp is under 30 degrees.  A little Alpaca goes a long way.)

Kids, Babies & Doll Sized Scarves

Then there are the kids and baby sized versions of the Scarf. . .


Who doesn’t know someone with a teddy bear that could use a scarf?

These are scaled down versions of the Scarf; the Baby size is about four feet long,  and about three inches wide, the Kid size is about seven feet long and about seven inches wide.

Baby Sized Season 12 in Vanna’s Choice

Baby Sized Season 18 in Lion Suede

Kid Sized Season 13 in Vanna’s Choice

Kid Sized Season 13 in Plymouth Encore

Scarf Socks and Stockings

I saw a version of this on Ravelry.com and just had to do a pair.

These are toe-up thigh high stockings that will need a pair of garters to keep up.

You can also start at the toe, go as high as you wish and then do a few inches of ribbing to hold them up.

Season 12 Thigh-High Stockings in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Fingering


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