"Pity about the scarf-- Madame Nostradamus made it for me-- a witty little knitter. Never get another one like it--"
The Doctor, Ark in Space

The Shada Scarf

17GraphicThe Shada Scarf is a very odd duck.

It appears in only one full episode,  one that never officially aired.

Accordingly, this is often referred as the ‘Shada’ scarf.

It is made from the remains of two original Scarves; a Season Fourteen and a Season Thirteen, both of which had been repeatedly repaired, shrunk, faded, cut up and finally expertly seamed together with an added light gray end and brand new tassels.

This scarf is currently in the collection of Chris Brimelow, who owns the wonderful doctorwhoscarf.com

This is my version of the Shada Scarf

Shada Scarf in Brown Sheep Sport

Shada Scarf in Brown Sheep Worsted

Shada Scarf in Vanna’s Choice Aran

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