"Pity about the scarf-- Madame Nostradamus made it for me-- a witty little knitter. Never get another one like it--"
The Doctor, Ark in Space

Sillyness. Just plain sillyness.

101 Uses for Tom Baker’s Scarf on YouTube

Video Link

Great video.  Perfect proof for those unbelievers who say ‘what are you gonna do with that scarf?’

And if that’s not enough. .

You can signal ships at sea.

Doctor Who Scarf Semaphore courtesy of zapdog_26uk

Shout-out for the Scarf

DennisKytasaariHere’s video of a shout-out I got at Chicago TARDIS 2009 for a scarf I knitted for Daphne Ashbrook

Daphne & Paul

Yes, that’s Paul McGann standing next to Daphne, holding the mic.

First Doctor to wear one of my scarves.

Thanks to Vito for the vid!

Geeking out at San Diego Comic Con!


Yep, that was me and my friend Bob on the San Diego Comic Con extras special on the new Doctor Who boxed set.

I’m the one who yells ‘Hallo to our friends across the pond!’

.  . . And there’s also some very embarrassing video of me dancing with happiness on getting to see David Tennant.

But don’t hold that against me.

Matt Smith wore one of my scarves. . . Matt&ScarfBig

I knitted a scarf for Anthony Burdge and Jessica Burke; two of the many wonderful authors involved in the very scholarly ‘The Mytholoical Dimensions of Doctor Who’.

Anthony wore it to the American Premier of The Eleventh Hour in Manhattan, on April 14th, 2010.

And the rest is history!

BBC America’s video of the Q&A Session

And here’s coverage from USA Today including two great pictures!

USA Today

And poor Sylvester McCoy just couldn’t get away from them. . .

I had the privilege of seeing Sylvester McCoy and the lovely Daphne Ashbrook at the Bon Voyage party for the Sci-Fi Sea Cruise in Seattle at the Sci-Fi Museum.

I was just sitting there knitting, minding my own business. . .

When, I swear, those scarves ran right off the table and snaked all over the poor man.

It took me the better part of half an hour to get them off of him.

I think they were looking for ferrets. . .

And Daphne Ashbrook (in the background) just laughed and laughed.

(Thanks Daph!)

Some other pictures of various people wearing my scarves. . . 

Yee Jee Tso, Phil Collinson & Daphne Ashbrook




Sarah Douglas & Ken Deep

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson highlighted two of my scarves!


Cold Opening from Late Late Show’s Doctor Who Special

Craig Ferguson Tweets and Emails

Then, there’s this guy. . .

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