"Pity about the scarf-- Madame Nostradamus made it for me-- a witty little knitter. Never get another one like it--"
The Doctor, Ark in Space

Wearing your Scarf

There are as many ways to wear a Doctor Who Scarf as there are scarves.

Here’s some help on wrangling your scarf and avoiding Isadora Duncan’s fate.

(Photos to follow)

The Single Coil

The initial presentation of the scarf in the episode Robot, featured the introduction of the Single Coil.  One coil around the neck and two floor length dangling ends.  Probably the most dangerous of the presentations, but the one most often seen.

The Double Coil

One coil about the neck and a second at chest level.  Scarf ends at knee level.  This presentation allows for much safer movement.

The Triple Coil

The Triple Coil is most often seen with the Season Eighteen Scarf, although it is glimpsed occasionally with the Season Fifteen.

One coil up around the neck, one coil across the chest and the third coil at groin level. Scarf ends at knee level.

The Drape

Most commonly seen with shorter scarves, The Drape was primarily used with the Season Fourteen scarf.  The entire length of the scarf is draped around the shoulders, hanging straight down to the floor on each side.

Over The Shoulders

Seen with both mid-size and very long scarves, the scarf is draped around the back of the neck and instead of being looped around the front, is doubled back and flipped over the shoulders, causing long loops to hang down across the chest and groin.  Ends are conspicuously draped across the back.

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